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Keegan Quinn
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Keegan Quinn These guys have this crazy, infectious groove of a sound - it's just really fun music. Favorite track: Little Tree.
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All songs © 2014 FRIZZ. Performed & written by FRIZZ (Joseph Berman & Michael Galen). Recorded and mixed by Paul Laxer at Map Room Studios Portland, Oregon. Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering.


released August 22, 2014

Incredible gratitude to all those who aided in the production of this album: Jessie Aron, Leslie Berman, Marjorie Berman, Edward & Ann galen, Marcus Galen, Bill & Bev Galen, Adam Goler, Chris Glaab, Roshni Goyate, Michael Hopkins, Randi Hopkins, Kendra Lerner, Sean Mccormick, Chris Perry, Larry Semler, Clair Sharp.



all rights reserved


FRIZZ Portland, Oregon

FRIZZ takes music lovers on an ecstatic grimy soul journey, caressing and empowering the spirit with deep musical revelations (frizzsounds™). Experience yourself through FRIZZ, the only band that cares.

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Track Name: Little Tree
little tree
hang your fruit low
little me
i’m on my toes
on the ground
you let me down
little tree
oh little tree

walking by
eyes straight ahead
through the leaves
i feel your breath
soft and warm
you do me harm
little me
oh little me

and it’s getting harder
to be around this place anymore
little tree
you took a piece of me
and i can’t come back
Track Name: Nice to Meet Someone
isn’t it great to be alive
twenty five and sleep deprived
in pursuit of something else
i fell into the spiral of myself

i’m glad at least that it makes sense
that in the world and in my mind
there is an end
your atmosphere is frail tonight
i’m sympathetic when you have to lie

and it’s nice to meet someone who feels the same way
and it’s nice to meet someone who feels the same way

isn’t it great to be here tonight
you take a breath and feel alright
in the end there is nothing else
please make good choices for yourself
i’m glad i found you in this place
wearing red, feeling warm, your face
two people sharing words
another sign of life on earth

and it’s nice to meet someone who feels the same way
and it’s nice to meet someone who feels the same way

take my hand
feel that we’re both alive
no reason
for you to hold inside
give it up
i wish you could let go
i won’t leave
you standing here alone
it’s a thread
to my heart
we leave alone
from this world
too much for me to know
in my mind
i’ll die before i’m dead
don’t know why
you’d let me in again
Track Name: Phase 2
i’m older and i’m colder
and you crossed over my border
my mind is in disorder over
the things i wish i hadn’t told her

you can’t just sew it up
and wish it’d go away
i’m carried in the blood
that’s flowing to your brain
when you ask me
"did i want this?"

on the lonesome hill where you make your stand
to the last minute before your patience ends
as laughter crowds your thoughts away
you wish i knew what you can’t let yourself say

i’m tied up and collared
tired and soaking in hot water
with no ideals to honor i wish
i could make my world smaller

do you know me?
i’m an old friend
you’ve been hiding
kiss me again
Track Name: Witch Hop
in the midst of life
you may find
that beauty is real
in the course of life
you may find
that love’s not a fantasy
head echoing conversations
poetic descriptions
of the world that surrounds you
the way they speak
the words they use
the plants and the animals
you may feel the coolness of the wind
touching the moisture on the surface of your skin

in the midst of life
you feel slight
you’re not satisfied
in the course of life
you may find
when comfort is all around
that it does not strike you
it cannot move you
you seek a current
to electrify you
and magnify life’s contrast
but be warned
it can do harm
the current you desire
can consume you like driftwood

in the midst of life we may find
Track Name: Afreeka
when it’s hot outside i want to go swimming
when it’s hot outside i wanna go
but there’s no water
there’s no water
there’s no water in the river

when the rains come i want to seek shelter
when the rains come i run and hide
i run from the future
i run from the past
i’ve been running so far how long will i last